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12th Annual Signature American International Watermedia Exhibition

Fallbrook Arts Center

Proudly Presents The

12th Annual Signature American International Watermedia Exhibition

World of Watercolor & Beyond

February 13th through April 11th, 2021

Juror for Selections and Awards
Katherine Chang Liu, NWS

Curated by Mary Perhacs, Executive Director

Director's Statement

The gallery is open to the public with a limit of 20 visitors at one time. Covid-19 safety practices are in place - social distancing, temperature checks, and masks are required by all visitors.

We are very grateful to our Artists and Show Sponsors for their commitment and we thank you all for your support over the past 25 years and look forward to welcoming you safely to the show.


Mary Perhacs, Executive Director

Thank you to our Show Sponsors


Linda P. Heald
Beverly & Charles Rikel

Diane & Paul Goldring Garrett
Robin & Robert Erickson
Marjorie & Jim Claborn
Meline Giannini
Christa Mueller

Steve & Colleen Aichle | Deena & Ken Altman | Brian Darwin & Michael Griffiths | Karen & Jim Hall | Pacific Western Bank | Vince Ross & Cheryl Pizzo | Ed & Carol Thomason

California Watercolor.Com | Tina & Glenn Smith | Jill & Jeff Cole | John & Debbie Crawford | Roseanne Dean | Jim & Julie Hardesty | Bob & Lesley Ibaven | Sue & Tony Jackson | Ki Johnson | Mijello Co., Ltd. | Monday Plein Air Painters | Anonymous | Norm & Marlene Rantanen | Charles & Helen Tillotson

Barb & Chah Chabazian | Dr. Karen Dubrule | Dave & Marsha Maynard | Lydia Rossi | Gordon Tinker | Sandy VanderLans

Chuck & Mary Jo Bacik | Carol Lindemulder

Participating Artists


Award Winners


Award Title Award Donor Artist Painting
Best of Show -$2,500 Cash Award   Courtesy of Show Sponsors Stephanie Goldman Ode to Dirac-Between Ecstasy and Fear
First Place -  $2,000 Cash Award   Courtesy of Show Sponsors Xiaochang Zhang Father
Second Place - $1,500 Cash Award   Courtesy of Show Sponsors Christine Alfery What Lies Beneath
Third Place - $1,000 Cash Award   Courtesy of Show Sponsors Angela Chang Untitled
$600 Cash Award -The Erickson Family Award Courtesy of Robin & Robert Erickson John Bierley Morning Effect, Avebury
$500 Cash Award for Realism Courtesy of Diane & Paul Goldring Garrett Dean Mitchell Urban Density
$500 Cash Award - The Giannini Award Courtesy of Meline Giannini Susan Hanssen Into the Ether
$500 Cash Award for Abstract Courtesy of Ed & Carol Thomason Robert Mejer Variant, The Dance Around
$500 Cash Award - The Deena & Ken Altman Award Courtesy of Deena & Ken Altman Ron Thurston Archie and Sidney
$500 Cash Award #1 Courtesy of Steve & Colleen Aichle John Salminen Aerial Bridge, Duluth
$500 Cash Award #2 Courtesy of Show Sponsors Yuri Ozaki Self Portrait
$500 Cash Award #3 Courtesy of Show Sponsors Elaine Daily-Birnbaum The Shapes Things Take
$500 Cash Award #4 Courtesy of Show Sponsors Thomas Schaller Imaginary City
$250 Cash Award for Plein Air Courtesy of Monday Plein Air Painters Peter Jablokow Bridges at Sunset
$250 Cash Award  Courtesy of Roseanne Dean Charles Rouse Ariba
$250 Cash Award  Courtesy of Norm & Marlene Rantanen Margy West What's Up
$250 Cash Award #1 Courtesy of Show Sponsors Ted Nuttall After the Rain
$250 Cash Award #2 Courtesy of Show Sponsors Anni Matsick Dreamscape with Wading Pool
$250 Cash Award #3 Courtesy of Show Sponsors Carla O'Connor Duality
$250 Cash Award #4 Courtesy of Show Sponsors Grace Haverty Wabash Station
$250 Cash Award #5 Courtesy of Show Sponsors Tuva Stephens The Movement of Life
$250 Cash Award #6 Courtesy of Show Sponsors Susanna Spann Jammin' with J.J.
$400 Merchandise Award Courtesy of Mijello Co., Ltd. r. mike nichols Family
$200 Merchandise Award + $50 Cash Courtesy of CaliforniaWatercolor.com & Show Sponsors Stephen Zhang Roots
$200 Merchandise Award + $50 Cash Courtesy of CaliforniaWatercolor.com & Show Sponsors  Margaret Godfrey Teach Me, Rural America
Honorable Mention #1   Richard Glassman Hooded Woman, Red
Honorable Mention #2   Lou Jordan Lilies of the Field
Honorable Mention #3   John James Feeling Grey

2021 Juror Statement

Katherine Chang Liu | California | NWS

It is with great pleasure that I served as the juror for the 12th Signature American Watermedia International Exhibition. I would like to thank the Executive Director Mary Perhacs of the Fallbrook Art Center for this honor and privilege.

I don’t have a checklist running through my mind during the viewing process, but the paintings with conviction and originality do jump out. It is never a problem using photographs as resources but it makes a difference in a painting if some efforts were made to transform a common view to a personal statement. And when composing abstractions, an insight to the artist’s own visual identity would give the image strength and character.

Ultimately a juror’s function is to honor the artists who made these efforts to ex-press something that is authentic in concept, and has authority in delivery.

There is a quote by Chuck Close on my studio wall. "Ask yourself an interesting enough question and your attempt to find a tailor-made solution to that question will push you to a place where, pretty soon, you’ll find yourself all by your lonesome — which I think is a more interesting place to be."

I wish to thank all the artists who took part in this exhibit, and to congratulate the ones whose entry was chosen for awards. I like to also share my belief, that the best way to measure our own work is by placing our work next to each other, and see if there is some discern-able growth from year to year. Thank you, and I hope you enjoy the show. Respectfully, Katherine Chang Liu, NWS

Show Juror

Katherine Chang Liu | California

Harvest Table

mixed watermedia with collage on panel | 30 x 30 in.


Patricia Abraham

Signature memberships: TWSA, SDWS, RMNW, SLMM

Patricia Abraham | California


watermedia | 20 x 15


Ingrid Albrecht

Signature memberships: AWS, NWS, WHS, IWS

Ingrid Albrecht | Illinois

A View From The Top

transparent watercolor | 26 x 20


Christine Alfery

Signature memberships: ISAP, PWCS, PAWCS, IWS, MWS, RRWS, KWS, MTWS, SDWS, WWS, NSWS

Second Place - $1,500 Cash Award

Christine Alfery | Wisconsin

What Lies Beneath

watercolor and acrylic | 40 x 30



Deena Altman

Signature memberships: SDWS, WFWS

Deena Altman | California

Woman Becoming (Heroic)

mixed media | 29 x 19


Craig Anderson

Signature memberships: SDWS, CWA

Craig Anderson | California


acrylic on paper | 15 x 22



Sally Baker

Signature memberships: WW, CWS

Sally Baker | California

Social Distancing Dilemma

transparent watercolor | 21.5 x 20.5


Sean Barrett

Signature memberships: AWS, NWS, WW, TWSA, SDWS, WHS

Sean Barrett | California


transparent watercolor | 29 x 29


Helen Beacham

Signature memberships: SCWS
South Carolina

Helen Beacham | South Carolina

Mother Mary Comes To Me

watercolor | 16 x 28


Marnie Becker

Signature memberships: AWS, FWS, WW, SWS, IWS, SDWS

Marnie Becker | Florida

Margaret Under Sun

watercolor | 20 x 16


Nancy Begin

Signature memberships: NMWS, NWS
New Mexico

Nancy Begin | New Mexico

Madame Butterfly's Sweet Deceit

watercolor | 19 x 27


John Bierley

Signature memberships: AWS, BWS, PWS, TWSA

$600 Cash Award -The Erickson Family Award

John Bierley | Pennsylvania

Morning Effect, Avebury

watercolor | 16 x 32


Cindy Brabec-King

Signature memberships: TWSA, AWS, NWS, WW, WCWS-Master Status

Cindy Brabec-King | Colorado

Salmon Berry Special

watercolor | 30 x 22


Marilynne Bradley

Signature memberships: RMNWS, WSA, KWS, KYWCS, SW, LWS, TWS, MWS, SLWS, OWS, GWS, MoWS

Marilynne Bradley | Missouri

Harbor Reflections

watercolor | 15 x 22


Francesca Brayton

Signature memberships: WW, HWS, WCWS-Master, SDWS, CWA

Francesca Brayton | California

Face Time

watercolor | 15 x 15


Thomas Bucci

Signature memberships: PWS, PWCS
District of Columbia

Thomas Bucci | District of Columbia

Milkweed, Brandywine Valley

transparent watercolor on paper | 10.5 x 14.5


Angela Chang

Signature memberships: TWSA, CWA, SDWS, WW, WFWS, OWS

Third Place - $1,000 Cash Award

Angela Chang | California


watercolor on gessoed paper | 22 x 22


Janice Cipriani-Willis

Signature memberships: WW, NWS, SDWS

Janice Cipriani-Willis | California


watercolor | 29 x 21


Connie Clutter

Signature memberships: GWS, PWS, PWCS, NEWS, PWSA, NWWS

Connie Clutter | Pennsylvania

Fragile Beauty

watercolor | 18 x 14


Kathleen Conover

Signature memberships: AWS-DF, TWSA-Master, NWS, ISEA-NF, WW, and others

Kathleen Conover | Michigan

Peace Offering

watercolor and acrylic | 22 x 30


Elaine Daily-Birnbaum

Signature memberships: AWS-DF, NWS, SDWS, RMNWS, NWWS

$500 Cash Award #3

Elaine Daily-Birnbaum | Wisconsin

The Shapes Things Take

watermedia | 22 x 22


Ratindra Das

Signature memberships: AWS(DF), NWS, TWSA(DM), WW, WHS

Ratindra Das | Illinois

When Copper Was Queen

watercolor | 26 x 20


Kathleen Durdin

Signature memberships: FWS, GWS, WSA, TWS, WW, PWS, FSWS, TaWS

Kathleen Durdin | Florida

Applause for Women of a Certain Age

watercolor | 30 x 22


David Eakin

Signature memberships: VWS, BWS, SW

David Eakin | Virginia

The Gossips

acrylic | 11 x 14


Robin Erickson

Signature memberships: IMWA, AWS, NWS, SDWS, WW, CWA, TWSA, WHS

Robin Erickson | California

Bologna Street Scene

transparent watercolor | 29 x 19


Cheryl Fausel

Signature memberships: AWS, NWS, SW, TaWS, FWS

Cheryl Fausel | Florida

A Tribute to Albert Anker

watercolor | 30 x 30


Z. L. Feng

Signature memberships: AWS, NWS

Z. L. Feng | Virginia


watercolor | 24 x 18



Suzanne Reed Fine

Signature memberships: AWS, SW, GWS

Suzanne Reed Fine | Georgia


acrylic on watercolor paper | 31.5 x 23


Lisa Arnold Franklin

Signature memberships: TaWS, GWS

Lisa Arnold Franklin | Florida


watercolor | 23 x 19.75


Louis Gadal

Signature memberships: AWS, NWS, WW

Louis Gadal | California

Full Moon and the Eppleton Hall

watercolor | 14 x 20


Michael Garberick

Signature memberships: SDWS

Michael Garberick | California

Good Boat Harbor II

watercolor | 21 x 14


Rukiye Garip

Signature memberships: AWS

Rukiye Garip | Turkey


watercolor | 22 x 14


Kathleen Giles

Signature memberships: AWS, NWS, TWSA, PWS, WHS
New York

Kathleen Giles | New York

Walking On Pismo Beach

transparent watercolor | 22 x 29


Jean Gill

Signature memberships: AWS, NWS, PWS, VWS, MoWS, WCWS-Master, PWCS, BWS

Jean Gill | Virginia

Palm Of My Hand

transparent watercolor | 30 x 22


Richard Glassman

Signature memberships: SDWS, WFWS

Honorable Mention #1

Richard Glassman | California

Hooded Woman (Red)

acrylic | 14 x 21


Margaret Godfrey

Signature memberships: NWWS, HWS, WSO

$200 Merchandise Award + $50 Cash

Margaret Godfrey | Oregon

Teach Me, Rural America

watermedia | 21 x 29


Ken Goldman

Signature memberships: AWS, NWS, ISAP, SDWS

Ken Goldman | California

Ship Worker's Break, Gdansk

watercolor | 22 x 22


Stephanie Goldman

Signature memberships: NWS, SDWS

Best of Show - $2,500 Cash Award

Stephanie Goldman | California

Ode to Dirac-Between Ecstacy and Fear

watercolor | 30 x 22


Hugh Greer

Signature memberships: MoWS, KWS, NSPCA

Hugh Greer | Kansas

Rush Hour Traffic

acrylic | 16 x 20


Xi Guo

Signature memberships: AWS, NWS, NWWS, FWS

Xi Guo | Florida

Boston Fern

watercolor | 20 x 30


Juanita Hagberg

Signature memberships: CCWS

Juanita Hagberg | California

Along the Great Unconformity

watercolor | 23 x 35


Susan Hanssen

Signature memberships: AWS, NWS

$500 Cash Award - The Giannini Award

Susan Hanssen | Florida

Into the Ether

acrylic on monoprint | 23 x 18


Grace Haverty

Signature memberships: AWS, NWS, TWSA

$250 Cash Award #4

Grace Haverty | Arizona

Wabash Station

watercolor | 18 x 12


Janine Helton

Signature memberships: GWS, MoWS, STLWS

Janine Helton | Missouri


watercolor | 15 x 12


Tom Herbert

Signature memberships: AWA, NWS, SDWS

Tom Herbert | Arizona

Passion Point

watercolor | 23 x 17


Pat Holscher

Signature memberships: AWS, NWS, SW, RMNW, WSNC
South Carolina

Pat Holscher | South Carolina

Everything's Ducky

watercolor | 15 x 22


Valya Hristova

Signature memberships: CWA

Valya Hristova | California

Time Lapse

watercolor | 22 x 18


Iretta Hunter

Signature memberships: CWA, NWS, WW

Iretta Hunter | California

Patchwork Rosie

watercolor | 19 x 19


Peter Jablokow

Signature memberships: AWS, NWS, TWSA, WW

$250 Cash Award for Plein Air

Peter Jablokow | Illinois

Bridges at Sunset

watercolor | 15 x 22


Jeffrey Jakub

Signature memberships: AWS, SW, WSNC-Master
South Carolina

Jeffrey Jakub | South Carolina

Le Grande Salon

watercolor | 24 x 36


John James

Signature memberships: AWS, WHS, ISEA-NF, WW, CWA, SWS, SWA, TWS, SW

Honorable Mention #3

John James | Virginia

Feeling Grey

mixed watermedia | 22 x 15


Gary Johnson

Signature memberships: WHS, MSW, SCWS

Gary Johnson | Arkansas

Sunny Perspective

watercolor | 21 x 21


Kim Johnson

Signature memberships: AWS, NWS, TWSA, SDWS, WW, WFWS, AWA

Kim Johnson | Arizona

Urge On

transparent watercolor | 15 x 11


Sue Johnston

Signature memberships: CWA, SDWS, WW, MoWS

Sue Johnston | Idaho

Silver Creek Solitude

watermedia | 12 x 16



Lou Jordan

Signature memberships: LWS

Honorable Mention #2

Lou Jordan | Virginia

Lilies of the Field

watercolor | 30 x 22


Chris Krupinski

Signature memberships: AWS-DF, NWS, TWSA-Master, WW, RMNW, and others

Chris Krupinski | Ohio

Blue and Gold

transparent watercolor | 30 x 22


Shuang Li

Signature memberships: NWS, SDWS, WW

Shuang Li | California

Low Tide, Coronado

watercolor | 8 x 22



Kerk Hwang Lok

Signature memberships: AWS, AAA

Kerk Hwang Lok | Malaysia

Morning Song No 16

watercolor (Not on Display) | 22 x 15



Carolyn Lord

Signature memberships: NWS, CWA

Carolyn Lord | California

Fish Rock Retreat

watercolor on paper | 22 x 30


Carol Mansfield

Signature memberships: NWS, SDWS, WFWS

Carol Mansfield | California


acrylic on paper | 22 x 15


Anni Matsick

Signature memberships: BWS, PWSA

$250 Cash Award #2

Anni Matsick | Pennsylvania

Dreamscape With Wading Pool

watercolor | 11.5 x 14.5


Chuck McPherson

Signature memberships: SDWS, NWS, WFWS, WW

Chuck McPherson | California

Support the ARTs

watercolor | 30 x 18


Carol McSweeney

Signature memberships: AWS, NWWS, MTWS, SDWS, LWS, MoWS, AWA, WFWS, WW

Carol McSweeney | Arizona

Well Respected Elder

watercolor | 16 x 12


Robert Lee Mejer

Signature memberships: WHS, SDWS, MoWS, IWS, NWS, TWSA-Master, ISEA-Nautilis Fellow

$500 Cash Award for Abstract

Robert Lee Mejer | Illinois

Variant: The Dance Around

watercolor | 30 x 22


Marilyn Miller

Signature memberships: CWA

Marilyn Miller | California

Flag Day

watercolor | 15 x 22


Kim Minichiello

Signature memberships: FWs, GWS, LWS, PWS, AWA

Kim Minichiello | Florida

A Solitary Shadow

watercolor | 20 x 20


Dean Mitchell

Signature memberships: AWS, NWS

$500 Cash Award for Realism

Dean Mitchell | Florida

Urban Density

acrylic | 22 x 30


Kathleen Mooney

Signature memberships: NWS

Kathleen Mooney | Michigan

Pottery Collection

watercolor, tempera, watermedia on paper | 12 x 12


Pat Moseuk

Signature memberships: ISAP, WHS, CWA, SDWS

Pat Moseuk | California

Ancient Pathways

acrylic and mixed media | 20 x 20


Woon Lam Ng

Signature memberships: AWS-DF, NWS

Woon Lam Ng | Singapore

Finding My Way

watercolor and gouache | 15 x 11


r mike nichols

Signature memberships: CWA, NWS, PWS, RMNW, TWSA, WW

$400 Merchandise Award

r mike nichols | California


transparent watercolor | 22 x 30



Elaine Nunnally

Signature memberships: AWS, SDWS, IWS, MoWS, BWS, VWS

Elaine Nunnally | Virginia

Lights Along the Toll Road

watercolor and acrylic | 20 x 25


Ted Nuttall

Signature memberships: AWS, NWS, WFWS, SDWS, TWSA-Master, WW

$250 Cash Award #1

Ted Nuttall | Arizona

After the Rain

watercolor | 22.5 x 22.5


Gaylord O'Con

Signature memberships: SWS, TWS

Gaylord O'Con | Texas

NYC Taxi

watercolor | 12.5 x 17.5


Carla O'Connor

Signature memberships: AWS-DF, NWS, AWA, NWWS

$250 Cash Award #3

Carla O'Connor | Washington


watercolor and gouache | 30 x 22



Yuri Ozaki

Signature memberships: WSA, NEWS

$500 Cash Award #2

Yuri Ozaki | Alabama


watercolor | 30 x 22


Gay Paratore

Signature memberships: NWS, WFWS, SDWS, TWS, WAS-H

Gay Paratore | Texas

Blow Your Horn, Baby

watercolor | 22 x 30


Ann Pember

Signature memberships: AWS, BWS, WCWS, WSA, VWS, and others
New York

Ann Pember | New York

Poignant Peony

transparent watercolor | 21 x 14


Kris Preslan

Signature memberships: AWS, NWS, NWWS, TWSA, WW, WAS-H, LWS

Kris Preslan | Oregon

Chicago, L Train Stop

watercolor | 17 x 24


Robin Purcell

Signature memberships: AWS, NWS, MCWA, LPAPA

Robin Purcell | California

Land of Making Salt

watercolor on paper | 14 x 14


April Rimpo

Signature memberships: WAS-H, PWS, MoWS, LWS, IWS

April Rimpo | Maryland


watercolor | 14 x 20


Steve Rothert

Signature memberships: WSO, NWWS, NMWS

Steve Rothert | Oregon

Hands Down

watercolor | 17 x 13


Charles Rouse

Signature memberships: AWS, NWS, SDWS, TWSA, WSA, PWSA, NWWS

$250 Cash Award

Charles Rouse | California


watercolor | 21 x 34


Alayne Sahar

Signature memberships: NWWS, CNYWS

Alayne Sahar | Pennsylvania

Symphony of Roses

watercolor | 14 x 20


John Salminen

Signature memberships: AWS-DF, NWS, TWSA-DA

$500 Cash Award #1

John Salminen | Minnesota

Aerial Bridge, Duluth

transparent watercolor | 36 x 36


Joseph Santos

Signature memberships: AWS

Joseph Santos | California

Crossing Bell

watercolor | 26 x 20


David Savellano

Signature memberships: NWS, CWA, WW, SDWS

David Savellano | California

23rd and Mission

watercolor | 20 x 20


Thomas Schaller

Signature memberships: AWS, NWS, TWSA, CWA, SDWS, NWWS

$500 Cash Award #4

Thomas Schaller | California

Imginary City

watercolor | 22 x 15


George Schoonover

Signature memberships: AWS, NWS, PWCS, NWWS, SDWS, KWS

George Schoonover | Oregon

Equine Obsession

acrylic on paper (Not on Display) | 22 x 29



Darcy Scott

Signature memberships: NWS, WHS, RMNWS

Darcy Scott | Michigan

Flight Fantasies 8

water media | 21 x 30


DeEtta Silvestro

Signature memberships: AWS, NEWS, PWS, PWCS, MOWS
New York

DeEtta Silvestro | New York

Looking Up

watercolor | 28 x 20


Kathy Simon-McDonald

Signature memberships: NWS, FWS, SWS, FSWS

Kathy Simon-McDonald | Florida

The Chalk Artist VI

watercolor | 30 x 22


Jerry Smith

Signature memberships: AWS, NWS, TWSA

Jerry Smith | Indiana

Thistle Ridge

acrylic | 21 x 29



Susanna Spann

Signature memberships: AWS, NWS, FWS, TWSA

$250 Cash Award #6

Susanna Spann | Florida

Jammin' With J.J.

watercolor | 20 x 29



Robin St. Louis

Signature memberships: NWS, SDWS, WW-Master

Robin St. Louis | California

One Perfect Day

watercolor | 21 x 29



Tuva Stephens

Signature memberships: NWS, TWSA, WW, KWS, WSA, SW

$250 Cash Award #5

Tuva Stephens | Tennessee

The Movement of Life

watercolor | 37 x 27


Hazel Stone

Signature memberships: AWA, CWA, NWWS, TWS, WW

Hazel Stone | Arizona


watercolor | 30 x 22


Susan Stuller

Signature memberships: NWS, TWSA, WW-Master, BWS, VWS, WSA, GWS, SDWS, SWS, TWS, PWS

Susan Stuller | Virginia

Lunch Time Blues

watercolor | 29 x 21


Paul Sullivan

Signature memberships: PWS, WSA, AWA

Paul Sullivan | Arizona

Crossing 47th

watercolor and transparent acrylic | 17 x 23


Don Taylor

Signature memberships: TWSA, WW, SW, WFWS, FWS, GWS, LWS, TWS, KWS, WSA, MoWS, HVAA, RRWS

Don Taylor | Florida

Cathedral Neuvo

transparent watercolor | 30 x 22


Ron Thurston

Signature memberships: AWS

$500 Cash Award - The Deena & Kent Altman Family Award

Ron Thurston | Pennsylvania

Archie and Sidney

watercolor | 19 x 25



Beatrice Trautman

Signature memberships: WFWS, CWS

Beatrice Trautman | Colorado


acrylic | 22 x 15.5


Phyllis Tseng

Signature memberships: WW

Phyllis Tseng | California


watercolor | 15 x 22


Elaine Twiss

Signature memberships: NSPCA

Elaine Twiss | California

Love Birds III

acrylic on paper | 14 x 13


Carrie Waller

Signature memberships: AWS, WHS, LWS, MSW

Carrie Waller | California


watercolor | 18 x 18


Lorraine Watry

Signature memberships: NWS, PPWS, CWS, RMNWS

Lorraine Watry | Colorado

Bottles and Bubblewrap

watercolor | 20 x 29


Cristine Weatherby

Signature memberships: SDWS, CWA

Cristine Weatherby | California

Pier Break

watercolor | 22 x 30


Kathryn Wedge

Signature memberships: NWWS, WWS

Kathryn Wedge | Wisconsin

Coming and Going II

watercolor | 20 x 16


E. Gordon West

Signature memberships: AWS, NWS

E. Gordon West | Texas

Waltzing Waters

watercolor | 22 x 15


Margy West

Signature memberships: SDWS

$250 Cash Award

Margy West | Arizona

What's Up?

watercolor | 18 x 14


Leslie Wilson

Signature memberships: CWA, SDWS, MoWS

Leslie Wilson | California

Treasure Hunt

watercolor | 15 x 11



Donna Jill Witty

Signature memberships: AWS, NWS, WHS, TWSA-Master

Donna Jill Witty | Illinois


watercolor | 18.5 x 13.5


Liang Yan

Signature memberships: NWS ,LWS

Liang Yan | China

Daughter of Grassland

watercolor | 22 x 30



Stephen Zhang

Signature memberships: TWAS, WHS

$200 Merchandise Award + $50 Cash

Stephen Zhang | Texas


mixed water medium on paper | 41.5 x 30


Xiaochang Zhang

Signature memberships: SDWS

First Place - $2,000 Cash Award

Xiaochang Zhang | California


watercolor on paper | 30 x 30


What Do the Letters Behind the Artist’s Names Mean?

Signature Membership

Fallbrook Art Center's Signature American Watermedia Exhibition is open only to artists who hold 'Signature' Membership in one or more recognized watercolor/watermedia societies in the United States. Requirements for attaining a Signature Membership vary by organization, but it is a rigorous process that cannot be purchased and is highly valued honor to the recipient. This is a partial list of the Signature Memberships awarded to our show artists by the society abbreviations.

American Watercolor Society (AWS)
Baltimore Watercolor Society (BWS)
California Watercolor Association (CWA)
Colorado Watercolor Society (CWS)
Florida Watercolor Society (FWS)
Florida Sun Coast Watercolor Society (FSWS)
Garden State Watercolor Society (GSWCS)
Georgia Watercolor Society (GWS)
Hawaii Watercolor Society (HWS)
Idaho Watercolor Society (IWS)
Illinois Watercolor Society (IWS)
West Virginia Watercolor Society (WVWS)
International Society of Acrylic Painters (ISAP)
Kentucky Watercolor Society (KWS)
Louisiana Watercolor Society (LWS)
Michigan Watercolor Society (MWS)
Mississippi Watercolor Society (MSWS)
Missouri Watercolor Society (MOWS)
Minnesota Watercolor Society (NMWS)
Montana Watercolor Society (MTWS)
National Watercolor Society (NWS)
Nevada Watercolor Society (NVWS)
New Jersey Watercolor Society (NJWCS)
New Mexico Watercolor Society (NMWS)
Northeast Watercolor Society (NEWS)
Northwest Watercolor Society (NWWS)
Ohio Watercolor Society (OWS)
Pennsylvania Watercolor Society (PAWCS)
Philadelphia Watercolor Society (PWCS)
Pittsburgh Watercolor Society (PWS)
Red River Watercolor Society (RRWS)
Rhode Island Watercolor Society (RIWS)
San Diego Watercolor Society (SDWS)
Society of Watercolor Artists (SWA)
Southwestern Watercolor Society (SWS)
Tallahassee Watercolor Society (TaWS)
Tennessee Watercolor Society (TNWS)
Texas Watercolor Society (TWS)
Transparent Watercolor Society of America (TWSA)
Utah Watercolor Society (UWS)
Vermont Watercolor Society (VWS)
Western Colorado Watercolor Society (WCWS)
Watercolor Society of Alabama (WSA)
Watercolor Society of Oregon (WSO)
Watercolor Honor Society (WHS)
Watercolor Society of North Carolina (WCNC)
Watercolor West (WW)
West Virginia Watercolor Society (WVWS)
West Texas Watercolor Society (WFWS)
West Virginia Watercolor Society (WVWS)
Wisconsin Watercolor Society (WWS)


Monday - Saturday
10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Sunday Noon – 3:00 pm
Closed Major Holidays


Exhibitions: $6* Free to Sponsors, Premier, Friends & Guild Members, Active Military, Under 18, and Students with College ID (*for most exhibitions)
Opening Receptions: $10, Free to Sponsors, Premier & Friends Level Members

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